I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to you that a large percentage of people who are trying to burn fat lose weight, and live better, are confused about how to go about it.  They are not at all clear about the best way to achieve the body they desire, but which they know is possible.  People are confused about how to burn fat, what really does work, what doesn’t, and most of all, the reasons why.

All over the country, and around the world, tens of thousands of people are working very hard in fitness centers and gyms. They are slaving and sweating using all manner of exercises they believe will allow them burn fat and lose weight. Cycling, rowing, running on treadmills, stepper machines, you name it, they’re all used to boost metabolism and burn more fat. Along with aerobics and “pump” classes, many are lifting weights a few times each week to build muscle lower their body fat.

Tens of thousands will be also testing out the latest diet programs that hit the market constantly and which promise to be ultimate miracle fat burning system for fast weight loss. The list of methods goes on, and the newest diet supplements entice many others to open their wallets and spend hundreds on pills that will guarantee weight loss. Their fat loss process is usually checked by watching their weight on the scales, which is not a great way to monitor body fat levels. I used to do it that way, until I discovered it wasn’t really the way to maintain my body as I wanted.

One of the problems with this “scale watching” approach is that, if your weight goes up a pound or two, you may feel like you’re losing “the battle” and may even feel like giving up on your entire diet or workout plan. Sadly, many people do!

Where are we heading with all this? Well, all, or some, of all the above methods are what many fitness and diet professionals usually recommend to burn fat, but it has resulted in too many programs and plans offered as the best option. The result is that people tend to go overboard with their weight loss workouts and fat loss programs. I’m talking about the range and intensity of them.

The crazy thing about this situation is that, we are no longer in touch with the essentials we need to achieve lifelong fat burning, weight loss, health and fitness. I’m talking about the basic principles that a large number of men and women aren’t aware of and what many people have forgotten. The truth is that only a small percentage put these basic essential principles to use in order to achieve lifelong health and fitness.

With any workout or diet program, you’re bound to lose some fat to begin with, but unfortunately  often the progress just continue or, just as frustrating, it doesn’t happen quickly enough. This is often because people may be focused on just a short term goal, rather than a lasting lifestyle program. The result is they usually end up switching to something else, again and again, and this can result in confusion.

Many in the fitness industry experts agree that this is possibly the #1 reason for the poor fat loss results and below average fitness progress that is being experienced by the masses of exercisers and dieters in the world. They are switching from one fad diet, or exercise program, to another without taking the time beforehand to learn what really works.

Basically, while they’re exercising too much, usually it’s not nearly intensely enough, and most are trying to stick to diet recommendations that aren’t realistic.

The key to both short term and long term success is to adopt a “lifestyle” that includes an effective way to burn fat lose weight, keep fit, which includes a sustainable method of weight control. So, rather than the “boom – bust” approach that many have of needing to “drop 20 pounds by summer”, they’d  find it so much easier, and simpler, to weave into their weekly schedule the things that always work!

I’m so thrilled to have discovered the essentials for effective weight loss that I want to share this with others so that they too can reap the life long health and fitness rewards they deserve. On this website we’re going to talk about the right things to do. This includes quick, but advancing, resistance training, a nutrient rich diet with plenty of water, and getting enough quality sleep, which is often overlooked. The body fat loss results will amaze you.

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