I want to clarify something that can be a little confusing. When I started out on a mission to get my figure back in shape, all I had in my mind was the idea of losing weight. Since I felt I had lost tone and also gained body fat, I believed I had to burn fat lose weight, and get back my self confidence. So, this is how I came to select the domain name burnfatloseweight.com to describe how I won my fat burning battle.

The reality that I’ve since discovered, through the Burn The Fat guide, is that it should really be named “burn fat gain muscle” as this descibes the process more accurately. You can read more about the theory behind why gaining muscle results in faster fat burning in my review of “Burn The Fat”. (posted earlier on this blog) Most men love the idea of gaining muscle, but many women are put off by that, since they mistakenly think they’ll replace their feminine curves with masculine looking muscles.

Nothing could be further from the truth since, thankfully, women have different hormones circluating in their bloodstream. We just don’t “bulk-up” like males, and more toned muscles just make us look even more attractive and slimmer. The trap that many women fall into, and which I did initially, is that of scale watching. Constantly looking at my weight as the gauge of my fat loss progress. I then discovered through the Burn The Fat program that, as I burn more fat, my weight doesn’t necessarily drop. It can even increase slightly, BUT I look and feel so much better.

Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you replace fat with muscle, you don’t necessarily lose weight, but you’ll see those nasty wobbly bits disappearing quickly. I discovered that the right type of exercise results in fat burning that lasts for days, and my muscle weight is “good weight.” It’s not only good for the way I look, but it increases my metabolism which burns even more fat. I wrote about this in my previous post which you may have read.

So, don’t be just a weight watcher, but rather use the right type of exercise and diet to build muscle burn fat and easily tone your figure in a way that you may have thought wasn’t possible.

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